and the winner is...

I love random.org for making the decision easy for me because if it were up to me I'd do one for everyone!  I'm looking forward to getting to know Tiffany and hopefully create a little something for her that she'll enjoy.  I've been over at her site reading this story, so fun.

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  1. aw congrats to tiffany! i love that girl and i've been following her for a while now, but i had never read her love story. amazing!!! i think you are going to have fun remodeling her dream home.

  2. Congratulations to Tiffany. It will be so much fun seeing what you get up-to with Tiffany s home. Will watch this space.!
    A xx

  3. Thanks to Kimbirdy! SHe's the one who directed me here! I am so excited and I am glad you liked my love story.

  4. I agree, just from the glimpse I got from her blog, I'm so looking forward to it!