High style in Cartagena, Colombia

I love getting email from Anthropologie, but especially so when the name Cartegena caught my attention in my inbox today.  

I visited Colombia during my stint in the navy Spring/Summer of 2009.  {I wasn't really in the Navy, but I lived on the USNS Comfort for four months and lived the life of a sailor/humanitarian.}  One of our liberty port-o-calls was in Cartegena, Colombia.  

Anthropolgie shot their latest catalog there so while taking in their gorgeous clothes, I was checking out the scenery to see if I recognized the scenery. 
 Today I'll share a few of my favorite images that I took while wondering the vibrant streets of the Walled City.
 Cartagena {said: Carta-hay-na} is known for Romancing the Stone, though the film was actually filmed in Mexico and bothers the Colombians that Michael Douglas pronounced the city's name incorrectly.  An episode of one of my favorite shows, NCIS, was actually filmed in the real city.  More cool history here.
 Favorite things about Cartagena: the weather, vibrant culture, awesome musicians playing happy music everywhere and really great, inexpensive fresh food from the vendors and small shops lining the streets. 

We were told not to drink the limonada sold on the street, but I couldn't help it.  Bring on the e coli, it was worth the risk.

 Pretty sure the top left image from Anthro was shot on this street shown above.  I didn't include the image I have that is shot from the same angle because I'm in it and look completely wilted and sweaty, a direct contrast to the super cool model above.

The USNS Comfort leaves in April for the next Continuing Promise mission and I so wish I was going along for more adventures on the high seas. 


  1. Holy color batman, gorgeous. I think I have mentioned on the blog that my hubby is in the navy. I don't think he has been there. El Salvador but not Columbia. How cool is that. Thanks for sharing, going to find my anthro catalogue right now!

  2. I wish I were on it too! That sounds like such a wonderful adventure.

  3. You are one dang good photographer and writer!

  4. The world is full of beautiful places and beautiful people. Take lots of photos Uganda.

  5. Went to El Sal on that trip too, Annie, now that is a gorgeous country in a totally different way.

    Vickers, Ben can't go just yet, maybe this summer sometime...oh the Army waiting game.

  6. wow! it looks gorgeous there. i would love to go on a trip like that. i just googled the continuing promise mission to see what that was all about. looks like a beautiful way to make the world a better place through our military.

  7. I'm from Cartagena, and I love every word!! I'm pleased to hear you loved it.