5 day weather

 I love weather. {is that silly?} Just this last week was a perfect example of exceptional weather. Wednesday was warm and overcast and I spent a chunk of the afternoon in the warehouse above working on a float for a parade this summer.
 Thursday it was full on Spring and we sat out on our porch painting rocks, laughing, and watching the neighborhood come to life as everyone and their dog {literally} walked by.
 Cat observing her domain.
I'm skipping Saturday because it will get its very own post, but rain turned to snow over night and so Sunday was about the epitome of Utah spring weather with a bit of everything rolled into one.

I especially like this one above because it seems like the hopeful little buds were encased in glass, or sugar.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I did!


  1. I immediately noticed the difference on Temple Square from Saturday's broadcast to Sunday's broadcast. Another delightful Utah April blizzard.

  2. wow. what gorgeous pictures! seriously....they are beautiful.
    and you are right about the crazy utah springs. ugh. i love weather too...but only GOOD weather.

  3. i love the kind of weather that lures the whole neighborhood outside. we've been having quite a bit of that around here. now if only i had a dog! :) can't wait to see the float you're working on.

  4. Seriously beautiful photography. I enjoy that you love weather. I'm with Autumn: weather & I are "fair weather friends" (haha) - in that I only like GOOD weather. Mmmm. Spring.