fresh entry way

Earlier today I was talking with a client about art options to go above a console she is considering for her entry way.   I love the console for the shape, and the fun french phrases scrawled all over it so I thought something light and colorful would compliment it well.  

She has lots of red in her home and while her taste leans more towards the traditional, I couldn't help pulling a few fun options I liked for the space knowing her personality and love of color.  
 So the ones I chose to pair with it would be a little too bold for her, but she did love the floral that I did show her.  Pair it with a great lamp and a few accessories and she will be on her way to having a great entry way.


  1. I love the first, second and fourth. Although I would love a Kim Parker for my daughter's room.
    Now you've got to tell us where we can find these pieces!! Great post

  2. The first one with the yellow flowers in a tall vase would be perfect for the console. Let us know how the final product turned out.

  3. oh i love those pieces. i can't wait until we're financially stable enough to buy more art. ...and i guess live in a bigger house so we can have a place to put all of it! :)