out and about: downtown SLC

I used to take loads of pictures while I was out and about of the little details that caught my eye. 
Sometimes I'm a little too aware of acting like a tourist in my own life, always with my little camera pointed at something and I wondered if I was missing things because I was always looking at everything too closely, if that makes any sense at all. So I stopped for awhile, and I've missed it.  I don't think I'll ever stop looking at things like I'm trying to fit it into something I can save for later.  

 After I dropped my things off at home {including the camera unfortunately} I went for a fun on the trails and it was much more pretty up there in the hills at sunset than the city was today even with all the sunshine and blue skies.
all in all, a gorgeous day off {I love having my mid-week week end.}


  1. A mid-week weekend, I think we all need one of those!

  2. such a pretty city! i've only driven through, but a friend just moved from there and has a lot of love for slc. i can't wait to go back and actually spend some time exploring.

  3. Just a sneak shot of you but enough to see that you are growing your hair out again. Gotta get a better look at your new 'do' cuz you are always beautiful no matter how you wear it.