blending styles

This chair was a birthday gift for a client, given to her by her very smart husband.  I mean, how many guys do you know who could pick out such a fun chair?  {She and I have joked that when I find 'that guy' he will spend time with her husband making sure he knows how to be The Man.} And besides being a pretty chair, it is so her. 

Bright, cheery, relaxed and full of life.   

She called me to help select fabrics to recover the pillows in the window seat in the room since the existing color scheme is muted greens, some gold, and brown, mixed with great original art work that brings in some of the brighter colors found in the chair.
I selected brighter colors found in the chair that also have some of the neutrals that were already in the room so the blending of styles is a subtle thing so she won't have to then change out the cushions and window treatments to match her new pillows.  

The last thing anyone wants is the domino effect redecorating can have some times.  

Ever experience that?  Fall in love with something completely different from everything else in the room, bring it home, and by the end of your efforts to blend it in you've redone everything?  I have.  No bueno.

The fabrics are Trend and Fabricut and are a bit more vibrant than shown here.  The web images on their sites seem a little washed out.  The great thing about Trend is their prices are so reasonable.  These all range between $30 - $40 a yard.  A steal for upholstery grade designer fabrics.


  1. Domino effect? I depend on the domino effect to get exactly what I want without seeming too obvious. You know, sneak up on the real quarry with the round about, subtle approach that leads the guy to think he came up with the exact chair and to heck with the cost. I have a new chair sitting in my sunroom that took me years to acquire. It is quite a story.

  2. oh yes! that happens to me all. the. time! i know i could never be an interior designer because i would get so distracted with all the pretty things in the world, i wouldn't know how to keep it synchronized. i really admire that skill in you, and other professionals who can keep the focus.