#11 - Terra Numa {St. George Parade of Homes 2011}

Big surprise that Kayenta's home was my favorite this year. {if you aren't catching the sarcasm, this statement is drizzled in it}  I love Kayenta for a lot of reasons.  The landscaping is kept at bare minimum, {I believe grass is outlawed} so that the homes blend into the landscape. Plus, the Coyote Art Village is a great place to spend the afternoon with art galleries, photography, and other shops.

While we were there an art festival was going on and I came home with some lavender spice that I can't wait to use.

The floor plan was what sold me on this house. 
{built by J2 Construction/design by Gulch Design Group. above image borrowed from here.}
While I might add a bit more pattern here and there, change a painting or two, the design and color scheme is right along what I consider very livable and could imagine living in this home and being very comfortable.  I would love the proximity to all the great hiking, biking, and general outdoor fun.  Being out there surrounded by so much natural beauty, my obsessive compulsive photography would probably reach new heights of neurotic.
The doors in the master suite are on tracks to slide back out of the way and become just another beautiful architectural detail.
Not pictured is the great fireplace, built in book shelves and fire pit outside the huge windows.

LOVE the gray and white stripe!
When can I move in?


  1. I am loving that different parts of the county can have such distinct design styles. Thanks for a different view.

  2. Gorgeous views but I am still an East Coast forests kind of girl.

  3. This is so fun! Thanks for sharing. I love the cool sinks.

  4. wow! i love how there are giant windows everywhere, and that they made the inside of the house blend in with the landscape as well as the outside. it's so easy to scan the room and out the window without noticing too strongly where the inside ends and the outside begins. just beautiful!

    one of the mr.'s grad school projects involved the same concepts: http://dannonrampton.com/Carmel%20Watershed%20Center/CWC%2001.html