#9 - Streams of Flowing Water {St. George Parade of Homes 2011}

Setting out to do the parade in one day we knew we couldn't see all 26 homes featured so we picked a few from the catalog in addition to the homes we already knew we wanted to see.  #9 was on the short list but we were starting to think about dinner {sushi!!} and almost skipped it until I ran into a friend who strongly suggested we make time to see it. And I'm so glad we did.  As we walked in the gorgeous front door the sun was hitting the chandelier {above} sending prisms of light sparkling through the living room.  The jewel toned color scheme was subtly mixed in throughout the home and the unexpected details like plexi glass stair rails made this home really stand out to me. 
"This villa exudes peace and relaxation, allowing one to take in one of nature’s most majestic and cataclysmic scenes. Ancient fields of molten lava are juxtaposed amongst the angular masses of pillars, planes and spires." Split Rock Home Information
 One of the things I love about the popular architecture style in St. George is bringing nature inside.  This home had so many applications of this, I noticed water was part of each room design with windows opening up to natural pools and creative bathrooms.  The bathrooms were amazing. 
I'll feature my favorite home next!


  1. WOW!! that wasn't your favorite? i can't wait to see what your favorite is. i absolutely LOVE the stone and wood. just gorgeous, and something very soothing about it.

  2. This is where texture and not color takes the stage. My favorite was the stone tile wall behind the bed.

  3. oh that wall was beautiful! It had fur mixed in with the stone and wood even.

  4. I want to take a bath in there.