entry bliss

As I mentioned, I moved last week. And I'm glad to be on this side of that project.

 I was very happy in my tiny little place {lovingly known on the blog as 'square inches'} so when I stopped by a friend's on the way home and found out they had a spare room available, I only checked it out because I was curious what the rest of the house looked like and this was the perfect excuse to poke around.

About 5 minutes later we were deep into the details of what it'd take for me to move in.  Snap decisions have a way of sneaking into my life at random and this definitely can be counted as one of those.  This was Tuesday night, I was all moved in by Saturday.

The great thing about this house is that I've doubled my personal space, have a giant room for storing my goods and the biggest development - I now have my bed back and gone are the days of sleeping on my {albeit comfortable} fold down sofa.

The rest of the house is a treasure chest of lovely details, but mostly the kind go unnoticed because it'd take some work to really make the place shine.

The entry is just such a spot.  Right now there isn't much to it, but if I had it my way it'd be fresh, inviting and since the house is occupied by three women, feminine in a naturally inspired way.

I'd buy this house if I could.  There is endless potential from the coffered ceiling to the giant backyard to the large picture windows overlooking downtown.


  1. I am assuming that you are still in the avenues? Give it a couple of months and you will have made your mark on the place.

  2. Sounds lovely Jenna. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  3. It's hard to keep up with you! Life is such an adventure. Have fun changing it up.

  4. I can't wait to see it too!! The house is adorable and with you in there it will be transformed right before your roommates eyes!!