chunky and cozy

 In my client's own words, her style is "Chunky, cozy, like a Park City lodge."
Her new home has the bones to back this style up with lots of river rock and natural color schemes throughout.  It would be easy to load the place with over sized chairs, weathered leather, thick wool blankets and oil landscapes... but she wants to take a feminine approach to the look with lots of pretty details.
 So with the usual furniture styles you might find in a cabin, I chose a chesterfield sofa and wing back chairs for her living room but stayed with a lighter color pallet with lush velvets and leathers to allow the chunky furniture to give her the look without over powering the space with their large scale. 
 She loves red and black and bold patterns.  I'm balancing that love with lighter tones and glass so the place doesn't turn into a cave.
 Her dining room is pretty small so when she told me she'd like a table that could seat nine, a round table was the best option with a slender chair to allow for more elbow room.
More to come after we get underway!


  1. I love reading about your projects and seeing your design ideas. It's so inspiring and fills a creative need in my brain.

  2. Ahhh, now you're back in the creative groove. Missed experiencing all your design decisions.