fresh approach

I was outside on my porch this morning enjoying the sunshine {in short sleeves even} and started dreaming about great ways to spread some holiday cheer to the porch.  Filling empty pots with cut greenery would be fresh and understated.  And pine cones!   An easy score around here.  I loaded up a bag from the park behind Noble House earlier today to take home with me.
I would also love a wreath like this one made of protea.  It reminds me of beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.
 Here's to enjoying the simple joys of the holiday season.


  1. And fresh cut greenery in pots outside will last a lot longer in your cooler temps. I have been whining to Serge for a few years now to put a tiny 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree out in our forest where the passing traffic peoples will spot it and brigthen their commuter lives. This year he did it and it is perfection out there all by its little self, so brave and well-lit in the dark.

  2. I bet your new roommates LOVE having you around!!