Sassy Bergere Chair

My client I met with this morning has a really great antique Bergere chair she wants to reupholster.  It's a beauty and in really great shape.  It's been handed down in the family and has been hiding out in the basement until she thought of it recently for a spot in her bedroom. 

True, it'll end up costing a bit more to reupholster her old chair than buying one of the chairs she has been pricing around town, but when it comes down to it I would happily spend the extra to give an old classic new life any day.

Now the decision comes down to whether or not to go bold.  {You know I'd go for it!} But this is her call. Of course she asked 'if it were your chair' what would you do?  Isn't it the best way to gauge an honest opinion?

Gloves off now: I love the idea of putting a more contemporary fabric on a classic chair so my choice would be to do option two {which has a really great texture to it}with a lumbar pillow made out of option one.  Or if it were really mine, I'd go even bolder in color or pattern on the pillow}.

What would you do if it were you?


  1. Option 2 all the way, although I would like even a spicier fabric!

  2. I'd go Aloha. A nice big hibiscus print - wouldn't that be awesome?

  3. Option two for sure. Keep it classy and in historical correctness with the chair design. Makes it more valuable in the long run.