Best House: Gray Love

Isn't this one pretty?  
I love everything about it from the blue door, great 22 house number, and the gray with white accents.  Even the red vine on the right side of the door is adding to the appeal, and is in fact the first thing that brought my attention to this little charmer.
In keeping with the game of improvements: maybe a fun door mat and I'd love to see what the window boxes look like with some frisky orange flowers in them... but really, I don't think I'd change a thing.


  1. If the house has a fire place I'll take it!

  2. It is only lacking a fiery red Fall tree in the front.

  3. Gray and crispy white are one of my most fav color combinations. That house is a classic cottage. All it really needs to fulfill the whole personna is a white picket fence.