Great Room Surprise: out of the bag

I don't think the secret was ever even in the bag.  For all the super secret planning we should have known our client was onto us almost from the beginning!  A few weeks ago she had run into a neighbor she'd barely spoken to before and of course the first thing this woman asked her was, "Why was Noble House Interiors at your house the other day?" 

Then, the clients didn't end up going out of town as originally planned, she went fishing with her kids instead.  So when the fish weren't biting and the kids were losing interest she came home and busted us just as we were putting the finishing touches on her new room.

The highlight was seeing how much the whole family loved their new room.  The only existing thing left in the room is their entertainment center, something the husband really loves but the wife felt was too fancy and dark.  She had fallen in love with the custom red chair from an earlier visit to our showroom so of course that was the first thing we decided had to go in the room.  He wanted a leather sofa, they both wanted more light, the rest came together to create the traditional style they both love so much. 

What I should have gotten a picture of was their two sweet children calling out in true kid fashion "This is mine, that is yours."


  1. I feel like I could plop down in that room and call it my own.

  2. Very beautiful - so warm and inviting, yet elegant! You did good....

  3. Too bad you got caught in the act! But it is a beautiful room and I would sit in there and claim everything as "This is mine!"

  4. Beautiful.............of course!

  5. Kudos Kiddo! The jenna touch is a winner yet again. I like the red chair, too.