my hitch hiker

on my way back to salt lake last week I stopped along the way and picked up a fury little hitch hiker named Vesper. {tho I call her cat.} She was getting kicked out of her place so I decided to bring her home with me for awhile. She likes riding in the car, so long as she is free to look out the window. She prefers drinking water from the shower curtain than from her bowl and has more of a squeak than a meow. I'm surprised to find myself with a feline friend... I'm more of a big dog kind of girl, but don't tell her that.  I like having her around, she makes me laugh.


  1. I think you might have the biggest heart of anyone I know.

  2. Incredible photography. Kitty cat, kitty cat...reminds me of your mother. She loved the soft, furry, clingy kitties, also.

  3. Beautiful sky!! I like cats too but have had my share of animals and will pass on them the rest of my life.......probably:)