I feel like my life is a waste land of excess. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful. Very very grateful. I love my beautiful city, and shopping for clients, and learning at a school where I'm gaining so much more than a temporal education. But all of it is driving me crazy.

Lately I find myself pulling away from conversations to take in my clean surroundings void of rubble and garbage and thinking over and over, 'Why do I deserve this when a man I know is sleeping in the street with his family?'

While I think creating 'home' is very important, I'm having a hard time reconciling the differences between the consumer driven world I work in and what I feel is really important. The end result I feel we are all after with good design is the feeling of safety and belonging. A place to be with family and friends, sharing memories and growing together. It isn't about 'upping' the neighbors or spending $300 a yard upholstering a sofa.

The conclusion I've found is designing is my way of sharing what I find beautiful in the world around me. Creation is divine after all. Having this outlet can only lead to good things and I if I'm reaching for a way to do more I believe opportunity comes along.

The challenge: Visually map out goals for 1, 5, & 10 years from now so I can display them somewhere as a reminder. I loved digging around looking for images that represented my dreams.

1} Spiritual - a more personal relationship with my Savior
2} Intellectual - Finish out the ID program strong and keep on running. My 'books to read' list is gigantic. Paint more.
3} Financial - keep growing savings
4} Community - Involved in making my container dreams reality, or something akin to it. I'm ready for some inspiration in this area and will go with what feels right.
5} Career - continue building the right clientele. Decisions to be made about going it alone or staying with a firm for awhile longer..
6} Physical - taekwondo, yoga, climb something tall, camping/hiking much, much more
7} Social - grumblings... This feels least important to me even tho my friends are very important to me. The other things on my list are more appealing to me right now than doing the socially acceptable thing for someone my age right now.

{5 & 10 year goals will come later, this post is already a monster and my blogging time is up}


  1. Those are great goals. I think that sometimes when you focus on a few of the big ones, the smaller ones flal into place.

  2. I like how you make a collage of your goals instead of just a written list. Great way to visualize and thus achieve. I also am impressed with your priorities, but then you always impress me.

  3. Your collages are awesome and would make great book covers for your future set of best-selling photo books...

  4. Great goals. I'm so glad I found your blog. It is full of inspiration and personality.