Project Townhome: The Rug is down, next up: COLOR!

an update on Mr. O.'s project:
If you'll remember we decided to find the rug for the kitchen first to narrow our choices for paint/accessory selection. Surprise, surprise when this monochromatic deal of a rug stopped me dead in my tracks and said boldly, 'I'm the ONE!' {no, it isn't weird that rugs talk, don't lie to me and tell me something hasn't practically jumped off the shelf into your arms and whispered sweet nothings to you all the way home.}
We both had in mind something with a bit of red in it, but this one leaves the door wide open on selecting the perfect red for the walls. Benjamin Moore's Caliente might be the very red, selecting colors is next up on our agenda.

side note surprise: His roommate is a graphic designer and I was so impressed with the composition of his photo collection he was nice enough to let me have a picture to remember it by.

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  1. Getting more interesting all the time. And, I have had plenty of things whisper to me from the shelves but, alas, I never have had a patron footing the bills for me. Anxious for the next stage to be revealed.