the shack book

I just finished reading The Shack by William P. Young. {I feel like I'm on Reading Rainbow right now giving a book report.}

It was a surprisingly uplifting read. While I don't consider it to be doctrine, and some of the views of the author go against what I've believe to be true, I did think it was an interesting book about our relationship with divinity.

Mack, the main character in the book was invited to spend a weekend in the presence of God so he could confront the pain in his life that wasn't allowing him to really live. At one point he was given the opportunity to see the world as God sees it. Everything from laughing bears and soaring birds to children each had their own unique colors that identified the details of their soul. No two were the same. I loved this visual description of individuality.

As I said before, I didn't take this book literally. It doesn't change what I believe in. It did give me a chance to look at something I thought I understood from a different perspective. My own relationship with my Savior. Reading about Mack's struggle to forgive and to find a relationship with his Savior was refreshing. I enjoyed the symbolism as he worked in a beautiful, overgrown garden {his soul} with the Spirit clearing openings for forgiveness and new growth.

So how was it that they finished those book reports on that show? "I really enjoyed this book, you should check it out at your local library." Really. I would love to hear what you think if you do read it.


  1. Thanks for the recommend. I'll put it on my list. Is school behind you so that you can relax for the holidays?

  2. I love Reading Rainbow! Levar Burton always ended the show by saying, "I'll see you next time!" I always thought he looked weird without his Geordi visor over his eyes.

  3. yes!! School is out for a month and a few days.

    I thought the same thing about Levar Burton, his eyes should have been all white like they were without his visor.