Are you're checking back in to see if the next seven days were as action packed as the last?  I can assure you the excitement level has not fizzled in the slightest.  It's holding steady at an all time high and not a chance of letting up anytime soon.  Please don't read me wrong here.  I have not turned into one of those annoyingly always happy people.  I don't trust them, so why would I join them?  I mean, really, it just doesn't seem natural.  But with the amount of planning and organizing and general giddiness involved in my day to day?  You know this planning junkie is well supplied with all the brain fodder needed for a good time.

I'm happy to report another week of the mister and I checking off lists and making this wedding planning thing/moving thing pretty much a delightful experience.  House painted {thanks to my big brother Ben to the rescue!!}- check.  Suit purchased - check.  Flight to our honeymoon adventure booked - check and check. {!!!}
None of this bridezilla stuff.  No melt downs over yucky bathtubs and coming face to face with all the little imperfections of a 70+ year old home as I crawl around with a paintbrush trying to cover them all up. No getting caught up in trying to pull of a shindig that is anything but a reflection of us, and our gratitude for the people who helped get us to this point.  That last part are his words, not mine.  Leave it him to help me gain some perspective on why it's not a good idea to just call it good with some yummy Indian catering and run off into the sunset.  I totally get it, I really do.  But I'm an all or nothing kinda girl.  When it comes to throwing a party equal to celebrating the happiness I feel, it's hard to set boundaries.  So when my practical hey-we're-law-school-one income-kind of people right now side comes face to flip-side face with the full fledged-I've-been-dreaming-of-this-my-whole-life-romantic side... Well... you can imagine there's going to be a certain amount of soul searching on how to strike a balance.  {Yes, it really is a matter of the soul.  I take centerpieces very seriously.}
And all that has been going on in the corners reserved in my mind for fun thoughts as I finish out my last days of work, pack and clean, and paint every surface of our new house and pack and clean some more.  It's been quite the week.  We're past the two month mark to the Big Day so now we're into counting t-minus one month and x amount of days til forever.


  1. Eek! I am so glad you posted! The last thing I need is for you to leave me hanging! Can't wait to see pics of your place!

  2. Awww! So awesome and so exciting!

  3. You should be enjoying every second, and letting us share it with you.

  4. Can't wait to see the next installment of this awesome love story!