As I was laying in my sleeping bag last Friday night looking up at the huge expanse of uninterrupted sky, I was so in awe of my tininess in the grand scheme of things.  Even as inconsequential as that tiny part feels, I can map out my experiences like the constellations I was blanketed with and see how they intersect and blend with so many others around me creating something masterful.  And much larger than my own understanding.  Over and over again I've been reminded of how intrinsic and beautiful life is and how we carry this unique purpose with us that only we can achieve. 

Huh.  So that's what staring at stars will do to a person.  And back to my normal banter.  
Little Red was ah-mazing.  It shouldn't be that much fun to ride all day long, but it was an absolute blast. As mentioned before, I did more star gazing than sleeping.  We got up early and 9 beautiful hours later we had accomplished our goal.  Although really, 100 miles shouldn't take 9 hours.  We rode hard and set a great pace, but we stopped at each rest stop offered for one reason or another.  Oreos slathered with peanut butter for my friends, countless slices of cantaloupe for me.
{I did sneak one of those Oreos and it was like manna from heaven.}

Insert the rest of my week right here replete with highlight after highlight. 

I'd try to tell you about it now, but it's a story worth waiting for since I've gotta stop blogging and start packing. We leave for Chicago tomorrow for a weekend full of prop-your-eyeballs-open-with-toothpicks boring business meetings mixed with as many adventures as I can possibly squeeze into my very sparse spare time.
Life is not a well rehearsed play.
- Ralph's mom
{I don't know Ralph.  Or his mom.  But she is wise.}


  1. My jaw dropped at that first photo. So loving your biking life.

  2. You have such a fine touch with small corners. Your apartment is like a jewelry box, full of bits and pieces of unique beauty.