Just when I thought winter was having an ugly day, I saw this ivy bush outside my office covered in ice.  I'm an avid supporter of taking the bad with the good of four seasons  When everyone else is moaning about how cold it is or that it is snowing again I'm secretly glad because I like the contrast.  How boring would it be to have the same weather every day? As I looked closely at all the colors encased in ice it somehow reminded me to have some hope that this too shall pass.  If this little plant can make it so can I.
Seems like that has been my focus this week.  Surviving.  Improving.  Hoping for a new season.
 In other highlight style news:
{I couldn't stay away.  Sporadic list style thinking just seems to be my thing.}

Grandma the undefeated champion is still going strong.  Though I did sneak in a win last night. But I know better than to think her luck is rubbing off on me.  I think she throws a game every now and again so my spirit isn't completely crushed.

After waiting with baited breath we found out our Little Red team was chosen last week in the lottery to be included in the masses of 3500 other women cyclist riding 100 miles around the very northern parts of Utah and Idaho.  I'm happy to have something to get me out there again.  I need some incentive to layer up and hit the streets.

Other upcoming trips to look forward to - San Francisco, Grand Rapids, MI {for work}, and Switzerland.   It's not every day that the stars aline to have a friend there as a seasoned tour guide to make our trip legit.

I'm obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect one bedroom apartment to share with the cat. Craigslist has been my favorite free moment hangout online this week.

Can you tell I'm ready for a new season?  I can.  I'm ready to hop on my bike, a plane, or my scooter and feel my toes again for an extended amount of time without the help of wool socks and snow boots.


  1. SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!??????????????? and that heart has been around for many years... :)

  2. I agree...Switzerland? With who? how about a St George trip??? Please

  3. You will adore Switzerland. You are a very smart woman to be always on the move.