Are gallery walls trendy?

It's not every day that I find myself with a client with a basement closet full of original art just waiting to make a monster gallery wall.  She even had a couple original Renoir sketches stashed among her forgotten treasures.  Seriously.

I was talking with a designer I've been collaborating with yesterday about our love for gallery walls as we planned yet another gallery wall for a new {to me} client.  I asked her if she thought in a few years we'd look back at them and say something like,

"Oh, gallery walls were all the rage in then, but we're so over them now."

We agreed that it probably won't be a trend that comes and goes.  If done right, gallery walls are timeless and we're not going to regret them in a few years.  Like the beloved chevron pattern.
{Don't hate me chevron lovers, I love it too, but face it:  It is EVERYWHERE.  Will it be the peach and teal of the decade?}
Gallery walls are unique to each individual collection, no two the same.  I've done 3 in the last two weeks and they look nothing like each other.
Classy, affordable, and can be used in any style space from sleek contemporary to ultra traditional and everything in between.

Speaking of art, my new nook has fast become one of my favorite places to spend some quiet moments painting.  This is a little something I'm working on for a friend moving away to remind her of Utah.  Also totally loving the new easel RC1 game me for Christmas.


  1. Chevron will go. Gallery will stay. Agreed. Love your art.

  2. AMEN to CHevron! Thanks for saying it!

  3. I have always coveted your artwork. I also exploit your talent every chance I get. I brag, brag, brag on you

  4. I love your painting and I pinned it...Hope you don't mind, I put the link in the comments. I totally agree with the chevron but I still love the peach and teal color combo ;)