ALT TAB: 10/52

I feel like the last two weeks melted together and I can't believe the two trips I've been looking forward to for months are over already!

I'd like to put off my roundup of vacation photos until I've had a chance to go through my camera and include a few of my own.  But I don't anticipate doing that just yet so instead I'll share a few that were shared with me.

 These are just a few that RC1 sent to me from our trip to Southern Utah two weekends ago.
The trip was planned because I decided to ride in an organized race from Hurricane to Zion National Park and I had a really great time.  Bailed out after 30 miles because I felt like I got out of it what I wanted and was ready to go play.  I wasn't there to prove anything to myself so I haven't felt one bit guilty for not going the originally planned 50.
Besides, I had even more fun off my bike playing with RC1 and soaking in my desert.  Why oh why do I love it so much there?
Then last Friday I flew to LA and spent most of the weekend with my friend Annie before heading to my cousin's place to play until Heather {and Miley and Xander}took me to my hotel in Huntington Beach so I could go to training with one of the manufacturers we represent.

These are a few of the photos Heather sent from our very fun {but way too fast} time hanging out together.

The view from Ruby's {only the yummiest place ever}
Gorgeous Kickbuttmommy Heather and Xander
Me and Miley feeding sweet potato fries to the squirrel
Hadley, Ella and me coloring

I'll get my life together{maybe??}and share some more from both trips. 

Until then, hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Gorgeous panoramic shot of the mountains....and way cool shot of a biker dudette.

  2. My favorite picture is the bike shot, too. You go, girl. Tumblin' with the tumbleweeds.

  3. Great to see such a biker with a smile on her face and not even a bead of sweat!! We miss the beautiful desert too.

  4. So much to like here. Love the "action shot."