wish list: my reading chair

I moved my room around to create a better workspace in the adjoining area that I haven't used much.  In the process of moving my drafting table into an alcove I created an empty corner at the end of my bed that would be the perfect spot for a cozy reading chair.  Right now I have a small chair there pretending to be comfortable but it's begging to be replaced by something I could curl up in and tackle my growing pile of books.

My ever changing style has been revolving around all things wing back so it comes as a surprise that if I were making the decision today I'd go for the bottom right boxy chair.  While I'm drawn to the graceful curves of the top left and middle chair I don't imagine spending some serious reading time in them.  

All my fabric options are soft to the touch and while the middle one looks much darker online, it's as light as the others and the color of a dusty khaki with more warm tones than what you'd expect from something called khaki. 70% cotton/30% acrylic and so, so cozy.  
I'd add a small kidney pillow in a pattern to give it some life. 
 And a blanket would be somewhere near by for sure.
 Then comes the ottoman!  Another place I'd have fun with pattern/texture and today my mood is leaning more towards the bottom right option because it's feminine and would look really pretty with any of the chairs, even the modern boxy one.  It'd take it down a notch and get that eclectic mixed feeling I seem to love. 
{Chairs/upholstery by lee. Fabricut. Restoration Hardware fur blanket. West Elm throw.}


  1. I love that green chair and I want it like right now!!

    Lovely Little Rants

  2. I have always liked the tufting effect in upholstery but it tends to require maintenance due to lint deposits, etc. but you definitely will want a way to put your legs up if you are going to be doing a lot if reading. And pillows and blankets are a must, especially for chilly winter evenings. Maybe a flat surface somewhere to position your hot chocolate?!!!

  3. I'll go for the green chair. It stands above the rest. Lovely!