overnight pumpkin oats

All things pumpkin are very OK by me so this super easy breakfast has been a favorite for me this week.
Wanna try it?
The night before I put 1/2 cup oats {old fashion, not instant}, 1/2 cup coconut milk, a heaping spoonful of pumpkin butter and a banana in a dish and put it in my fridge.  The next morning I add a handful of walnuts and mix it all together.  {I save the walnuts for the morning so there is a little crunch to the mix.}  I've also added quinoa in the past for an extra boost of protein.
This pretty feathered friend stopped by for an unexpected visit Sunday morning.  I went out on the porch to put some napkins on the table for a brunch we were hosting and found her trembling from what I imagined was quite a shock for an innocent flying object rudely grounded by an invisible barrier in the ski. {aka a large window} Bet that was a story to tell around the bird feeder, "Nothin' but blue skies, then wam!..."


  1. I'm guessing that you don't use milk in your morning repast? Birds and large windows definitely don't work well together. The really crazy ones are the birds who sit and tap at the window trying to get in.

  2. That bird looks like a woodpecker.

    Doesn't your banana get all brown and gross if you cut it up the night before? Just checking.

  3. Wow! I can't believe that bird let you hold it like that. So cool!

  4. I hope the bird rested got over its headache and flew off happy? I have been using the quinoa noodles since I eat gluten free it is an amazing grain that most people do not know about.