velvet glam

My client and I laughed as we selected fabrics for her new sofa because she and I have something in common.  We can change design directions on a dime.  The perfect example:  She has been in love with an off white sectional on our showroom floor for months and was determined to buy it.  It was all but loaded on the delivery truck when on a whim she asked to see some tufted options.  One thing lead to another and now we're exploring a completely different direction for her family room.  I'm a huge fan of the velvety blue upholstery she has chosen.

Her husband doesn't like 'pretend furniture', you know the type, the pretty stuff you can't get cozy on.  But this sofa is pretty and comfortable and since the 'serious TV watching' happens downstairs in the other family room, why not glam this one up a little was our reply to his concern.  This couple is so fun to work with.  Lots of kidding around as we try different ideas.  Right now we're playing with mixing up the feminine fabric with older 'dusty' rugs and lots of silver accents to work with the adjoining kitchen, but who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Sometimes I like a client who has so many ideas to explore, because one day we'll land on the right one and run with it.


  1. I love how quick your mind runs and how many options you can figure out to arrive at similar effects. Then again you can take the same rug, or sofa, and dress in a zillion different ways without breaking into a sweat. Awesome.

  2. I like that your clients work with you so well and you with them. I think that's awesome you all are so open. Me? I am completely open, so much so that it would frustrate even the most patient person.