Harvest Paintings

The Gleaners - Jean Francois Millet

Growing up this was one of my favorite paintings hanging in the halls of the school I went to.  I loved the colors and imagining what life might be like if I were one of The Gleaners.  It was positioned in the hallway near the music room and if I sat in the right chair I could see it while we sang.  A client mentioned it today and how she has always loved it too.  She thought it'd work perfectly in her new living room since her walls are a warm golden hue.  I couldn't agree more.

I was very excited for her and hopes she purchases it.  I came back to work and looked up just to enjoy the feeling I get when I look at it. 

While I was at it, I looked for other harvest inspired paintings.
Robert Zund
John Stoa

Norman Lloyd

Happy harvest time dear friends.


  1. Love the works by Zund and Stoa. Mesmerizing. But I don't want to think autumnal yet!!!

  2. I have always loved 'The Gleaners', also. In fact, I have a small print of it in my drawer waiting for the exact, chunky frame to put it in.

  3. Zund's painting absolutely transports me!