I'm not one of those kind of cat people

Before you judge me for writing an entry about my cat, I'll preface this with a firm, heartfelt declaration that I am not one of those cat people.

People can talk about their dog until they're blue in the face and so long as they don't dress it up, tote it around in a stroller {I've seen this!}or feed it cooked meals stating 'special dietary needs' their vets would even think peculiar and excessive, people would say, 'they love their dog, how nice.'  You could even include the dog in a family portrait and your friends are still going to accept the fact that the dog is just a furry, four legged member of the family.

But if a girl, a single girl at that, talks about her cat? {on her blog no less}

Well then...

You know what you're thinking right?  Right?!  I'm thinking the same thing!!  And I love animals, dogs and cats equally.

I do believe there are two distinct kinds of animal people, and the true litmus test to see if I fall into the category with those people is the honest answer to some very telling questions:  

I'll never post a video of Vesper Lynn to YouTube no matter how funny I think she is, I'll never dress her up or knit her booties, never will I try to give her a bath or brush her teeth, and I'll never take her to the spa to get a kitty massage, {I know, what the what?! It seriously is a thing}and I most definitely don't post about her here all that often.  Really, can you think of the last time?

It is a fine line my friends.  I've asked to be told if I ever cross it.

So this may be treading dangerously close to the line by telling you this...

 Today is our one year anniversary.

We celebrated with dinner on the porch earlier this week.  A tuna melt {with swiss and lavender spice}on toast for me, and straight tuna in her pretty Asian bowl for her.
So, to Vesper - mouser of the catch and release variety - saddest sounding meower in the history of meowers, and true fur ball companion who enjoys sitting on the porch watching the neighbors as much as I do - thanks for some hilarious memories and a really good year.
{Photos from last fall hanging in the garden at our old place on 9th.}


  1. Sitting on the porch and watching other people? Since when do you sit on the porch?? You are always the "go" person whom other people watch. I watch you constantly, but I AM old and I DO sit on the porch, a lot.

  2. Well, you DID give your cat 2 names, instead of just one. But I'm sure she appreciates never being dressed up!

  3. you are definitely not one of those people. i lived alone with two cats {as a single woman} for many years. everyone once in a while i would get a friend who asked me never to get a third or else i'd be "one of those," but mostly they were just great company in a small apartment. however, an old neighbor of mine was a young, hip, fashionable city girl who took her cat walking in an fancy pink bassinet stroller. oh honey! not good.