drool worthy

 I've spent a considerable amount of time on the Specialized site drooling over these two road bikes.

I'm not in any hurry.  Just doing my homework and enjoying the process so that one day when browsing turns to shopping I'll be well informed and more than ready to fly down a canyon on my new beautiful speed machine.

On the one hand the Dolce {above}with the red handles that would be the end all decision maker if it were only about looks, would be a giant upgrade over the heavy hunk of purple metal that I've loved riding for years. {I really do love my bike and feel disloyal considering an upgrade.}

But then I start reading about dear Ruby below and my eyes get a little bit bigger and my heart beats faster when I think about the hills we'd conquer together with her Shimano 105 drive train, the miles we'd cover on her Fulcrum Racing wheels and her super light carbon frame that I can pick up one handed... She inspires me to consider adventures including endurance races and riding further and higher than I ever have before.
Oh my, dear Ruby, you are a thing of beauty.
I rode both of them last night.  I'm not sure if a few passes around the parking lot is the best way to know what bike is best for me.  If only they loaned them out for a real ride... maybe they do?  I forgot to ask.
"Light bulb."


  1. I would so love to get Miles one of these!

  2. Bike ignoramus that I am, both bikes look alike to me except for the red handles. Good thing that you know what to look for. Just make sure that you ALWAYS wear a helmet.