Travel Treasurs {cont.}: Arica from AY

I'm going to sneak in one last guest blogger for the Travel Treasure series I did a couple of weeks ago while I was away because I didn't get the chance to post the entry Arica sent me and she is just too great not to introduce you to her. {That is if you haven't already found her beautiful blog.}  

It is like a breath of fresh California air.  For sure go check AY out right after you read about her fun travel treasures.
For me, my travel treasures are always JEWELRY! It's what catches my eye wherever I go. I usually have on a necklace or two, a couple of rings, and some bracelets to give my watch company. Really, I'm a hoarder, and might look a touch ridiculous, but I'm alright with that. I haven't traveled too many places in life, but my usual stops have been Mexico, Hawaii, and a touch of the Caribbean (Tropical much? I'm also addicted to the ocean, but that's another story). Talking about rings, I have two favorites from trips that I will own so long as I live. My first is from the left: 5th row, 2nd ring down. It's a hollow kukui nut ring I FOUND in Hawaii. Yes found. Just magically in my car as if it was from heaven above. I've worn it hundreds of times since. The second is the first row on the right, at the very bottom. We recently took a trip to LA and while browsing the old antique shops on Magnolia, I found this gem, and have been obsessed with this turquoise infused Native American ring ever since!

I'm headed to Palm Springs in a week, and while I'm there you can guarantee I'll find whatever jewelry stand I can to take a treasure home with me.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful treasures Arica! 

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  1. beautiful collection! jewelry seems like such a great travel treasure because it's practical {you'll wear it for years}, and it's easy to pack away in suitcase. brilliant!