inspirded by: Adrienne's place

Imagine after a long day of moving furniture {staging parade home in fragments in the showroom right now}and walking into a cool oasis for a night of fun with good friends.  My friend Adrienne has created just that.  And the greatest thing about it, it is so her.  She'll be the first to point out the tiny flaws no one else can see, but that is just so Adri too.  A Perfectionist.  I love her for it.  From the peacock inspired colors, fresh flowers and yummy food - every detail is lovingly considered when it comes to her place. 
While the chicken was on the bbq we were talking about colors for the lower staircase.  What would you expect from a roomful of designers?  Right now it is a light aqua and will soon be a golden tone with a bit of green in it for a bold contrast to the deep turquoise, if you can call it that.  It's a chameleon of a color, constantly changing with the light.
I get teased endlessly for always snapping pictures so when the camera is turned around me I squirm big time.

Happy Birthday Adri, dear.


  1. Jenna, your hair is growing out. How come you are always so beautiful no matter what you do with your hair? Oh, and I love the lime green chairs....mostly because they are lime green.

  2. I love those green chairs! And, the dining room rug is darling.
    I know how you feel.. I'm not good at being in front of a camera!

  3. what a fun home! i love all the different colors and the little details all around. and my, those chairs are so charming!