preparing for a long flight

I'm off on an adventure today.  In 36 hours I'll be in Uganda with my parents, big brother and oldest nephew, but first I have 23 hours stuffed in a plane and 13 hours of layover to look forward to.

I'm not whining, I promise I'm not.  My layover is in Dubai and I'm for sure looking forward to that!  And long flights are just part of seeing this great big world of ours. I don't mind it much, it's just that I've gotten sick the last few times I've flown long distances, so I started mentally preparing for this flight almost as soon as I booked the tickets.

A few of my tricks to flying happy and healthy:
  • Aisle seat all the way - I do love looking out the window, but being able to get up as many times as I want without feeling like a nuisance trumps the option to look outside.
  • Packed my own food - trail mix, carrots, apples, and some black licorice to avoid that salty stuff I think is supposed to be food served by the airlines
  • HYDRATION!!!  This is huge for migraine sufferers like myself.  I'm taking a water bottle and will get over my fear of being 'that annoying passenger' who keeps asking for more water.  One tiny little cup every few hours with meals just doesn't cut it. {this is most definitely the culprit for past sickness}
  • Packed my trusty travel spa kit.  Ask my family, washing my face is a favorite past time of mine.  Being able to brush my teeth and clean off the grime of recirculated air are great ways to stay sane.
  • Neck pillow - I have one but never pack it.  I think this time around I will try it out.
  • Light weight summer scarf - great way to hide the disheveled weary traveler look when I land, and great to snuggle into when I don't want the scratchy airplane blanket anywhere near my face.
  • Moleskine - for sketching, writing, keeping tickets and other random things together.  The one I took to Africa last time still smells like the yummy pressed herbs from the B & B we stayed in.
  • ebooks - for something to listen to when in flight movies get boring and my eyes are too tired to read
Is it Thursday yet?  If it is, know I'm one very happy traveler to be out of the plane and on solid ground again.


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for this wonderfully thorough post. I have a long flight ahead and I am definitely taking you up on these tips. Have an amazing time!

  2. yes, these are such great comforts for long plane trips! i definitely need tons of extra water and refreshing face wash on a flight.

    i hope your trip there goes perfectly smoothly - that you can actually SLEEP on your plane, get opportunities to move your body, and maybe have a super sweet/interesting seatmate. i can't wait to hear all about this trip when you get back!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip and it is everything you want it to be and more.

  4. Happy Trails, Jenna. Can't wait to hear and see all about it!

  5. that is a loooong flight. don't forget to stand up and walk around for a little bit. otherwise you will have cankles and swollen feet! safe travels!!

  6. Give your mom and dad, and your big Bro a hug from the old Vickers. Your whole trip will be a treasured memory for decades to come. Make the most of it and BE SAFE.

  7. Why is that a picture of Air New Zealand's new seats?

    International flying has been pretty good lately for me. Lots of empty seats. I wish you a row of your own.

  8. have a wonderful time! i hope the flight goes well, and that your time with your parents is amazing.

  9. What a great adventure you are going on! Cannot wait to see what pictures you will come home with. You have have a unique way of looking at life.

  10. Brillant ideas to arrive rested. Lovely scarf.