flashback: Capetown, South Africa 2007

While I'm away I thought I'd share images from my last trip to Africa.
While visiting my parents {above} in Johannesburg, South Africa we flew to Cape Town.
It also happened to be my 26th birthday.
We started off by taking a tour on a bus, the kind you can ride on the roof.  This was one of my favorite things for the unlimited photography opportunities.  If I'm a photo nut at home, I'm a full on maniac while traveling. 

My picture taking finger practically twitches.
Table Mountain was covered the first day we were there.  Luckily it cleared off the next day. 
{see next post}
So we went to the aquarium instead of going to the famous mountain.
We stopped along the peer to take pictures and could hear and smell these guys before we noticed them basking in the sunset.
goodbye 25, hello 26.  I can't believe it has been three years already.
More on Cape Town next post.

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