Victorian influences

The opulence of Victorian era melted away to a more straight lined functional movement and while I think our styles tend to be more simple, there are plenty of examples of how we have been influenced by this turn of the 19th century style.
Gray was a favored neutral
Marble was the popular stone of choice
Eclectic furniture styles blended together from previous styles in the past
Placing items of interest to show personality
Floral Wall papapers
importance placed on order
bare room = poor taste {tho maybe they took it a bit farther that we do}

Excessive ornamentation and accessories on every horizontal surface
Specific rules to color selection and placement
Focus on formal spaces - the parlor being the most important room in the house to showcase & entertain
Floor plans that divide public and private areas into closed areas, opposed to our more open floor plans

The image below is from a really great Victorian style home featured here.  I especially love this bathroom for its super fun details like the 10 FT mark in the tile on the wall and the Pool Rules sign.
 A great example of witty design.


  1. wow, that bathroom is so cool! i have to say, i oo and ah when i'm in a victorian space, but i don't think i could live in a home styled that way. it's just too busy for me and i get stressed. dannon and i actually have a lot of conversations about emotional design. it's so different for everyone. fascinating!

  2. Victorian design is more my cup of tea. I enjoy the intricacies of design, the layering of colors and textures, and even the closed in floor plans. I have nesting instincts, I guess, and I am also old. But that bathroom was NOT Victorian but was sooooo exhilarating. Love the 'haupt wasser' mark idea.