just around the corner

from my house there is this pretty little bungalow {the Aves are stacked with them!}.  I love it for the great mix of materials and natural colors.  The lighting at night is very nice too, winning it my best house on the block award.
{I'm seriously thinking of actually leaving something with the people who live in these houses that inspire me.  They should know right?}  
This one reminds me of homes in the northwest.  Think Seattle suburbs with the olive green, mustard, a bit of muted red and all that stone; it would fit right in there. Though it makes a unique statement nestled here in Salt Lake City.   
On my way to work today.  Blustery, bitterly cold out.  But at least the skies are blue.


  1. Yes, blue skies don't happen too often in a Salt Lake Valley winter!

  2. You are such a loving, generous person. I would love to have you leave a cute momento on my porch.

  3. finally figured out that i had your wrong blog site on my list and why you had not updated it for months... well all fixed!! so now I will start checking on my jenna all the time!! miss ya!! what a cute little house! love it!

  4. i LOVE that bungalow! so cute.