Quick Shuffle

I met with a new client this morning and we dove right in by pushing furniture around and coming up with a great plan to pull it all together. 
In the works: Dark window panels in a chocolate or rust, a large area rug, and a new chair to finish off the conversation area.
Moving into her kitchen we talked about bringing in more of the colors from the art she was thinking about for one of the walls {shown at the top of the post}  I love the apple green rug {below}and the framed tile pattern.  The pinwheels are a lot of fun too.


  1. I love the entries that describe what you do for work!

  2. Isn't it wonderful that your career involves beauty and happiness. There are so many ugly jobs in the world, you are truly blessed with your talents and your opportunities. Thanks for sharing your "silver pool of light" with all of us.