Feminine Country Blend

I really like not knowing what to expect when I go out to a client's home for the first time.
I knew I'd like this one because I've been working with her for the last couple of months and I've liked everything we've done so far. So it wasn't a surprise that I started falling in love with the place as I drove up the secluded driveway.  Nestled up against the mountains in Farmington, I received a warm welcome from their farm dog Clancey before I even got out of the car, and then was greeted at the door by a yawning, chubby orange cat nestled into a cozy rocking chair.  So far, so good.
And it just kept getting better.  Her home matches her sweet, sophisticated, but approachable demeanor while blending in a very natural, soothing feeling that I felt all wrapped up in while we visited.
I take note of homes that give me this feeling because a house falls flat for me without it.
After working with this client and having her describe what she wanted to achieve with by reupholstering this chair I think she came as close to perfection as you can get.  Light, airy, natural.  Completely beautiful.  She asked if I would add or change anything about the room.  Not a thing.
I wasn't involved in the kitchen remodel, but asked if I could take pictures because of how well it worked with the adjacent area.  I really like the look of a chopping block used as an island, but have been told it isn't very practical.  I asked her about this and she said she bakes a lot so it works for her.
{mental note: if I want one, must learn to bake..}
Another lovely detail is the use of lamp shades for the pendant lighting over the island.  So feminine.  And what makes this become an even more fabulous detail is the contrasts between her feminine details and his love of natural colors and horses {she says he is half horse.  Blending their two styles has made this house a home.
She had some really great paintings and when I asked about them she told me they were done by Jeff Hepworth, a local artist who paints Utah landscapes.  Check out his site.
Auuuh, I love my job.


  1. I think her kitchen would be even more perfect if she had oil rubbed bronze appliances!

  2. ...and I love hearing about your job! :-)

  3. Hey Pretty Girl, just keep bringing us your magical thoughts and talents. Which of the chairs are you recovering....the wingback?