Monocromatic Eclectic Living Room

 I think one of the greatest things about design right now is that the rules are being broken and no one seems to be trying to fit their personal style into something easily defined. 
This client is the perfect example.  She has slate gray walls, gorgeous glossy over sized trim, a black baby grand and this gorgeous custom sofa so you'd think she'd want to finish it off with lots of shimmer and silk.
Well, yeah, she wants some of that too.  
But she also has a white hutch next to the baby grand with chicken wire cupboards.  It has a classic line to it so it doesn't scream country lyrics at you when you walk in.  It is one of those things you might not thing to add to the space, but because it is there it really adds to the appeal.
The fabrics she is falling in love with are bold and even a little French {a couple examples above}.
Maybe it says something about my design tastes, maybe I'm a 'yard sale' through and through, but I love a good blend of anything goes.
Some of the chairs we are narrowing down for the space.  The actual sitting area is about 10' square so we have to choose the right ones to give her comfort and style without eating up the limited space.


  1. What fun to have such a great job as yours. All your possible selections are fabulous but I would tend to shy away from the overstuffed chair. Get a photo of the finished projectfor us to check out.

  2. Monochromatic is fun, too, because it ties all the random bits together.