the recap

My birthday started out early {for me} with a yummy breakfast at Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon.
Then lunch at Spaghetti Factory with my parents and Grandma.
Followed by an afternoon at the zoo with Lt.  
{and before you send a flurry of curious emails: just great friends.}
The zoo was a wonderful idea.  Sunny afternoon checking out animals?  Yes please.
I didn't think I had a favorite animal, but I do.  Giraffes!  I love them.  Graceful, curious, purple tongue, gorgeous eyelashes and that coat they wear?  Very designer.
This little lady was snacking on some twigs while keeping an eye on us.  I swear she winked at me when I said, "Hello."
I finished out the night with a party downtown at a warehouse with a couple hundred of my closest friends. 
{I pretended they were all there for me, not Halloween.}
The theme of my costume this year:  "Go Cougars"  
I thought it'd be a funny choice since "Cougar" is a term for the older ladies preying on the younger guys. 
{thanks to Coree for her Kingwood Cougars cheer uniform!}


  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday! You look good as a blonde :)

  2. You deserve a super cool birthday from morning til night. Love the photo of you and Grandma. You are both dolls but only one of you is a cougar, and it ain't Grandma.

  3. Looks like a fun time - especially the lunch with Grandma.

  4. haha love the "cougar!" i also have a fetish for giraffes! love that first pic--she's a real lady :)

  5. Ruth's Diner and Spaghetti Factory? I couldn't ask for a more perfect birthday.

  6. You and L at the zoo, I miss you two!