Project: MK's Living Room

As you may have figured out by now, I go crazy for natural tones, great texture and fresh, colorful patterns. Combine them and I'm in heaven. This living room we are putting together has it all.  But it can't just be about the line of the furniture or the lovely things in the room - it all comes down to the client's coolness whether or not the room is a success for me.  It truly is the people in the house that make it a home.  It is their personalities that make the room come to life.

Design for me is expressing the wonderful things about my clients on the canvas that is their casa.

M.K.'s cool rating is through the roof.  She loves pattern and color and has a sweet, easy going personality.  Not afraid to say she doesn't like something, very open to possibilities, and falls for great fabric just like I do.

Sofa by Lee.  Subtle color in the pillow picking up a bit of the aqua in the floral print used to upholster the wing back chair by Sam Moore.  Lumbar pillow in the polka dot.

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  1. You understand the one ingredient, the one factor, that guarantees success.....the woman of the household. And your advantage is that you are a people-reader. If you can, post a photo of the finished project.