keep me warm

while fall is my favorite season it brings with it cold weather and I love a good snow storm as much as the next skier but I don't much care for the day to day ice cube weather.

Shivering as I got ready this morning I reluctantly closed my windows while humming {I don't subject Cat to my singing} Billie Holiday's I've got my love to keep me warm.  

On my winterizing checklist:
Cozy up my bed with thicker sheets and get my Pendleton Wool blanket out of the closet.
Find my box of coats.

Learn to knit.  OK, very unlikely, but if I did I'd make a head to toe cocoon much akin to the famed Snuggie.  
{hilarious parody here.}

Join this gym.  Warm indoor fun year round with the added perk of nightly yoga classes. Sweeet.

PS - Why the llama?  It is from a Banana Republic ad campaign from a decade ago.  I loved it now as much as I did then.


  1. Thermal underwear helps, too. Not very glamorous but so nice and toasty.

  2. I'll take the boots and the hat.

  3. The llama is the coolest. Reminds me of a few friends I had in high school.