sketch clarity

I met with my client this afternoon to go over the plans for her kitchen remodel. As we made it through the demo plans, concept images and other supporting documents it was fun answering questions and hearing her enthusiasm for the project. The best time for me to work on project is directly after I meet with the client so I can coast on their dreams and wishes for the space. Without them I start to forget why I love my work and I get lost in all the work that has to be done.

I felt like the meeting was coming to an end when I flipped the last page and found a sketch I'd done this morning as I prepared to meet with her. I hadn't intended to use it in the presentation because I had so much to cover and didn't feel like it was in any way useful. I worked on it today because I needed to make sure I'd covered everything and somehow drawing does that for me.

When she saw it she said, 'Oh! Now I see it! Now I see how everything we just talked about works together.'
I know drawings help, I guess I just forget sometimes that just because a project lives in my mind in full color, it doesn't mean it does for everyone else.

Above is the new floor plan with an island, the dish washer moved to the left side of the sink and the fridge to the East wall with floor to ceiling pantry style cabinets.


  1. I love your job! And I love your talent that makes you so good at it.

  2. Beautiful, LOVE the plan for the island! xx

  3. Love your sketch of the project, wish I had that ability it is an amazing talent that you have.