plz don't make me say it

Is there a word that just drives you crazy? You don't like to say it, don't like to hear it said, you could go on for the rest of your life constructing sentences without missing it for a minute?

POP is my very least favorite word. Not as in the Utah slang for soda, but the designerly term defining the way one color works with another, usually making it...well...pop.

We joked about that very word this morning as we put together an order for chairs. I am determined to never use it, ever, ever again. I failed already. It slipped right out this afternoon. Better luck tomorrow.

enough ranting. I'm back from the glorious St. Georgeous. I'll catch up on things here after a weekend of moving. If only I blogged as much as I thought about blogging. Ever trying to achieve the balance between not enough and blogaholic.


  1. I hate the word "panty" as in pantyhose or when mothers talk about their potty-training toddlers and their "panties" - it drives me insane. I prefer the word "undies". Also "pampers" - can't stand it.

  2. Mabe that is because you have boys, Cara! ha ha. With girls undies just doesn't sound right to me.

    Love ya Jenz! Nice convertible pic.

  3. Great car... Wish I could drive it too. Don't rub it in.

    From you know who!

  4. Nope-still don't like it. Panties just sounds inappropriate. Maybe it's because I grew up with brothers and lost my feminine sensibilities long ago. In our house Chloe will wear "big girl undies".

  5. how about 'roos? I know someone else who hates the word panties Cara. Jax? Are you there? I'm surprised at your silence about this. You two are opening my eyes to a whole world of tiny underwears I didn't even know about.

  6. Are you KIDDING? underwears!!!!! One of my FAVES!
    Hate: discombobulated, tween and so-so (when answering a question).

  7. I hate the whole idea of thinking about unsatisfactory words. Don't you have anything better to bother you?!! But Then Again, I hate certain numbers.....right now my least favorite is 65. Go figure!!