new feature: Square Inches

I'm moving this week and I've signed a lease on a postage stamp! I haven't measured the exact square footage yet, or in this case, maybe I should measure in square inches as it'll make it seem bigger? It's the perfect postage stamp for me in the right neighborhood {The Aves} with just the right amount of extras to make me feel like I'm getting a deal.

I'll be a new avid reader of apartment therapy as they are the source for teeny tiny iddy biddy living.

Above: Futon - Direct Source / Below: Gate Leg Table - IKEA {perfect for outdoor summer fun as well as folding up out of the way inside}
I know it'll be fun to come up with ways to make use of every square inch. And I'm going to take you with me. Introducing another new feature: square inches. I'll share with you my finds as I turn this space into my own.

My first big debate: do I dare ask the sweet landlord if I can repaint the walls she just barely finished painting a beautiful yellow? I have nothing against the yellow. Only it doesn't go with the scheme I'm conjuring up re: the cover of this month's House Beautiful, which I just devoured sitting outside my parents home in the desert this evening listening to the doves do their thing. {Am I the only one who thinks they sound like owls?}


  1. I love the serene blue and whites - so calm and pretty! In my house I have to decorate with dark colors so as to hide the dirt, scuffs, and stains. Oh well!

    I love this new feature as well. Your blog is the best!

  2. I am excited about your12 new202302020 space. Mimi is helping me type. Can't wait to see what you do with the place.

  3. no jenna--you are not the only one!!! we have doves that roost in our rafters. we hear them thru the fireplace. for years i have told my husband that we have owls living on the roof!!!

  4. Have you ever watched HGTV, "Sarah's House"? She bought an old farm house and is redoing every single room one episode at a time. You can do the same with yours and we will sign in every week to see all the changes you make. Sounds great.