to the pro in my corner

When I met Bry {aka RC1 in the blog files} three years ago I knew he was a unique kind of guy. And that wasn't because he was decked out in leather biker gear and taller than life. He had kind eyes and a happy laugh and what has proved over the years to be one of the kindest hearts I've had the pleasure of knowing. {Even if he does hate bugs and furry things.} I have been truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend.

I have really put that friendship to the test and he has gone above and beyond what any normal person would do. From the beginning he has far exceeded my expectations of the good guy and has really set the bar tip top high for the type of guys I'd like to spend time with.

Thank you is a bit of a tired phrase at this point as he has spent countless hours on my portfolio with me, just as dedicated {and sometimes more} to getting it just right. I know how lucky I am, not many people have an internationally recognized award winning Master Craftsman in their corner.

Endless thanks to you RC1, I owe you way more than half a chair.

{images borrowed from his website, go check out his work and hire him for your next big event, you won't be sorry.}


  1. I have an RC1 picture in my house of Grandma and Grandpa Awesome! Tell him he needs to come East and photograph the Eastern Temples (esp DC Temple for me). I'm sure he would sell lots. Us East Coast people don't have a lot of Temple artwork to choose from for our homes.

  2. I think I am ready to meet this RC1 for myself. And what I wouldn't give for the talent the two of you have in your little pinkies! I also can't wait to see your portfolio Friday. Love you Jenna Marie!

  3. RC1 is one of our favorite people in the world and we know alot of people!!! Thanks to him for his fantastic work. PBPB

  4. Sounds like a winner to me. But he still has a long way to go to equal you, my wonderful niece.

  5. Yes, great guy indeed! We all need such talent in our lives! WAIT...I have YOU!!!!!