May was definitely the longest month of the year so far.  David couldn't sneak his birthday past me two years in a row so we celebrated him on the 4th and then he spent the rest of the month in Hong Kong interning with the largest law firm in the world, Baker and Mckenzie, and I spent the month keeping myself busy with a list I kept extra long with all kinds of fun things like car maintenance, yard work, gardening, packing and organizing for our summer adventure and preparing for the yard sale I had the last day of May.  Thanks to my parents for staying over with me the night before and making the day so much fun.  We started early and had a steady flow of people buying up all the things that were cluttering up the garage and the money covered our trip back East so I'd say it was a huge success.  Then we packed it up at noon and I went and picked up David from the airport.  It was so good to see him and watch the surprise on his face since he was expecting a curbside pickup.  But that just isn't romantic is it?  Hop in, I've missed you, let's go.  Nope.  That just wouldn't do.
Grandma checked Mother of The Year off of her bucket list.  We all knew she held that honor, but now Bountiful knows too.
My dresser has been mine for as long as I can remember.  It's always every changing so it was like a personal archaeological dig as I sanded down through the layers.  We've been in DC just over a month now and just long enough to really start to miss our little place.
One of the evening bike rides I went on up the canyon wishing he was with me.
Vesper is most definitely a backyard kind of kitty.  She likes plenty of grass to munch and water straight from the hose was a new found summer time treat.
Grandma ended up spending some of the month, and all of June, mending after a fall in the backyard.  She's made of the toughest stuff and worked hard to make it home on July 4th.  A great way to celebrate Independence Day!
Grandpa Awesome visits were like clockwork. He would go every day at 3 for an hour.  Watching the way they love each other is inspiring and filled with kindness and sincerity.

May was necessary to keep the year going along, but I'll like it if we never have to spend time apart like that again.  As with any time you get to do something you don't necessarily want to do, it only made it all the more clear what is important in life.


  1. I mostly love your posts for the great pictures of Grandma and Grandpa and anyone else from out West who I love but don't get to see very often. Thanks for being our connecting thread.

  2. David impresses me more and more as you reveal tidbits about your handsome man. Largest law office in the world.......wow. No wonder he was able to sweep you off your feet when no one else was able. You two make a great couple. I'm keeping my eye on you to see what great things you both accomplish in the next ten years.