Oh, hey there. Here we are again.

Since I've been gone awhile I feel like I should have some grand speech about what I've been up to.  Truth be told, I don't have an explanation because it wasn't planned.  The time has just done what time does best and before I knew it I had a full fledged gap in all things written and that expansive jump back into the swing of things {imagined or not} kept getting bigger the longer I let it go.  It was both soothing and alarming to know the world continued on despite capturing it in my weekly increments.

I've missed it though.  This documenting my life. It's beyond special to me and has become so much more so sharing it with my bestie so while I'm sure I'll continue grappling with why I find it appealing to share it in this format, I want to find a balanced way to continue figuring it out.  That may be part of the appeal right there.  It's an active way for me to see how my story is unfolding.  Writing it gives me an opportunity to see it for what it is.  It's up to me to see it in a way that will be meaningful to me or it could so easily slip by without seeing all the collected moments for the treasures they are. 

I wanted to have great big plans for my dear little blog for the year and here we are nearly living those beautiful spring April days and I'm ashamed I've kept in all the loveliness I could have been sharing up to this point.

That's what my blog has meant most to me.  Sharing the beauty I experience.  And that's what I want to get back to.

So without making a big deal about it.  Here we are again.  And what a good day to come back.  Today is my grandparent's 71st anniversary and that's pretty monumental if you ask me.  If you asked them, they wouldn't fuss much about it.  They'd smile at each other and if you paid close attention you'd feel a million shared memories pass between them.  Dave and I aren't even three months into this marital bliss thing and I have already full on cried unabashed tears at the end of Iron Lady because I can't ever imagine being without him.  So glad I could get over that melodramatic moment and remember I never truly have to worry about that since he's mine for forever.

I feel an update is in order.  We'll call it an almost quarterly review.  We've fallen into a really great rhythm here at our orange brick house.  David studies and doesn't play the piano nearly enough but when he does it feels the whole house and my whole heart. I putter about doing my thing when I'm not at work,which could mean an array of things from cleaning out the garage to painting something or curling up the cat to just be.  Speaking of her Royal Catness, she reigns with a furry fist and I'm relatively sure it isn't just my imagination that she now favors the Master of the Wardhaus.  How do I know?  I'm typing solo at the dining table listening to the fridge grumble and those two are thick as thieves reading all about civil procedures in the other room.  We're all set for planting the big garden in the backyard and lots of bike rides in the coming weeks before David heads out for a summer of internships.  And that's about as good of a cliffhanger as I'll ever have.  So with that, another day, my friends.


  1. Well, welcome back from the mists of Time. I thought we had lost you. Now I can settle down again and enjoy rumbling through your impressions and considerations. You bring sanity and philosophy to Life's vagaries. Love it.

  2. YAY! So happy to see you pop back in again.

  3. thanks for missing me guys!! I missed your comments!

  4. How great to hear from you!! I hope you're going to be part of these internships...?

  5. FINALLY!!! :) We ALL missed Designsparrow!!! I almost gave up......glad you are back:)

  6. I don't care how long you were gone. Just glad you are back.

  7. I'm sitting on a beach in Kauai and catching up on your life since we last saw you- best beach read I could've asked for.... Romance, a little suspense, and excellent writing! The best part though is that I know the protagonist! So I feel extra happy for all the characters in this romance novel! So happy for you and miss you:)

  8. Ahhhhhhh, you're here again!