My last post as a single woman!  Last night was my last night in our little orange brick house as a single girl.  Last night was also Vesper's last night with cuddling privileges.  I didn't have the heart to tell her she'd be curling up with a heater vent from here on out so we'll have to sit down and have a chat later.  

We've been counting down for weeks now so as the days have dwindled down to hours reality seems to have skipped town and I might be in a state of some kind of shock.  Good shock.  Happy shock.  I just don't know if I'm quite grasping the magnitude of what's going to happen in just a few days.  I see little hints that it's really happening all around me.  It looks like JCrew moved into my closet, my sock drawer has man socks {that haven't been pilfered from my dad} lined up next to my girly polka dot socks.  There is a towel that isn't mine hanging from the back of the bathroom door.  But I still can't quite believe it.  In less than 70 hours I'll be married to my best friend.  Forever.  This is totally nuts.

As is customary, to sum up my year: 3 new countries and 2 new states visited, my first 100 mile ride, a new job, a new city, and last but certainly not least - a new husband.  Yep, it's been a really, really good year.

Thank you for your part in the awesomeness.  I love sharing bits of what makes my life happy with you.


  1. Yaay! Congratulations!


  2. Your life is to be envied by all of us. Thank you for sharing with us. It will be interesting to see if the focus of your blog changes during the next several months. Best wishes to the new bride.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Congratulations Jenna! Hope your day is the very best! We will be thinking of you. And may I just say, your wedding announcement is the best I have seen. It is ready to be put in a frame in our house. Love you!