Making: a pact with myself to end my scheming ways and take it a day at a time like the more relaxed people do.  They make it look so easy.
Cooking: up schemes. {Previous pact has already been dissolved.} "What do you want to do tonight Brain?"  Take over the world.
Drinking: in this glorious sweatshirt weather.  Please let it stretch out a good long while.
Reading: into things.  {And Angle of Repose.}
Wanting: to curl up in a spot of sunshine to watch You've Got Mail
Looking: forward to The game this weekend.  {False statement alarms should be alerting the sarcasm police right now. But I'm telling myself it's true until I believe it.} Remember when I broke up with Football a few years back and it was amicable and we didn't miss each other at all?  Well, there's talk of reconciliation so I'll curb my ambivalence because it's making our mutual friends sad to see love lost between us.
Playing: w/my paints and scraps of maps and foreign coins
Wasting: nothing.  Waste not, want not they always say.
Sewing: on patches to all he tears {sing it Ingrid Michaelson}
Wishing: I wasn't allergic to corn and dairy anymore. Popcorn how I miss you.  And your cousin the blue corn chip.  And cornbread smothered in honey.
Enjoying: kimchi for breakfast. {much more Korean than my brother thinks normal}
Waiting: for Godot.  By far the most absurd play I've seen, but has lived on as a running family joke for years
Liking: this exercise in filling in the blanks. It goes well with my skittering thoughts
Wondering: what kind of goodness awaits me this weekend. 
Loving: the feeling of loving with my whole heart
Hoping: I'll never run out of hope
Marveling: at the intricacy and simplicity of the day to day. {It's a shame the grandeur of the ever day gets lost in the day to day-ness}
Needing: socks for my cold toes.  And a bike ride today.  It's a must happen today kind of need.
Smelling: my new lotion.  And myself. {I smell like Snow Kissed Berry Kimchi}
Wearing: layers. Hip hip for layering kind of weather.
Noticing: how hard it is for me to take me seriously.
Knowing: that everything is gunna be alright.  No matter how I scheme, no matter how I worry myself silly that I worry too much, it'll be all good.
Thinking: {that I'll never kick the habit of parenthetical thinking}
Feeling: happy, a bit wild, conscientious, healthy, and a grab bag of other end of the Friday work day adjectives like excited/tired/restless/energized
Bookmarking: the kind of sentences that make me want to learn to knit so I can knit myself a sweater out of all my favorite words strung together. I'd slip it on over my head and be infused with all the kinds of new thoughts imaginative sentences spark in me.  {And no, I'm not talking about the static that would for sure be present when words like 'felicity and mischance' are cabled in next to 'vindictive vindictiveness'.  Though it may feel a bit the same.}
Opening: myself up to the limitless possibilities I know are in there somewhere if I'd just stop squashing them.
Giggling: all the time.  It's a must.


  1. Well I certainly feel better now that I have read your post, and I felt great already. It's just that reading your post always puts effervescence into my already wonderful days. Love you.

  2. Impressive post :)
    The parenthetical one made me giggle!