Just another gorgeous spring week here.  Many reasons to love the rainy weather going on this week, but fighting the urge to write about it.  Maybe I should just come to terms with the fact that I'm one of those people who start out conversations talking about the weather.  And it isn't just to break the ice.  It's because I truly care.  I really, really like it.

I also really like conference weekend.
I lined up a bunch of projects to putter around the house doing while I listened and since I was preoccupied making those plans, I forgot about the little things.  Like how I was planning on actually hearing it.  {My patchy internet is unreliable for long stretches of time.} Five minutes before it started Saturday morning I'm pawing through my 72 hour kit looking for the wind up radio I know is buried in there somewhere.  Then the search for batteries.  Why don't I have batteries?  Why don't I own a real radio?  Why didn't I go buy batteries during the break?  Maybe because I liked having to wind up my radio every few minutes.  Something very apropos about the situation I found myself having to constantly tune in.

Another thing I like is Jen.  She's been in town to have her tonsils out {for the third time, she must have some seriously angry and persistent tonsils}.  She brings out that kid in me that is never really far from the surface.

And that about sums up this week.  
Beautiful weather - waking up to the sound of rain never gets old.
Divine inspiration that lifts my soul.
And seriously good friends.

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  1. That's freaking hilarious about your radio! So glad you now know you can count on it in an emergency!
    Hooray for sunshine!!!!